PDO & Aptos Threadlift

Threadlift using PDO Threads or APTOS is a simple and safe facial augmentation and facial lifting procedure. It has several uses depending on the type of Threads that are used. They can be used to:

  • Lift sagging tissue around the eyes, cheeks and neck.
  • Lift sagging eyebrows and perioral area.
  • Reshape the nose.
  • Volumize specific facial compartments.
  • Define the jawline.
  • Give an instant non-surgical face lift type of effect.

Threads are biologically compatible strings with or without cogs that are inserted underneath the skin. They are soft and have a natural consistency with the skin over the nose, midface and forehead. The Threads once inserted, will be in place for almost a year and is biologically degraded by the body. Threads with cogs are used to produce lifting effects while Threads without cogs are used for volumizing (scaffold). The procedure is almost painless when done with local anesthesia.

Some Threads are also enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acids and other skin-nutrients which helps to restore the skin’s texture, complexion and hydration. They act as bio-stimulators that enhances natural collagen production in addition to their lifting effects.


After the Threads (with cogs) are inserted, the facial lifting effect around the cheeks, jawline and eyebrows is seen immediately. The facial skin will feel lifted, firm and tight. It takes few days to get accustomed to this “tight-feeling”. Depending on the technique and type of Thread used, the facial jawline can also be enhanced and well defined. If the Threads are being used as scaffold, for instance around the eye area, then the tear trough hollowness is also reduced immediately. The Threads can also be used to volumize the midface and nose augmentation.


As in any injectable procedure, there is the minimal risk of discomfort, bleeding and bruising. Rarely the Threads may get inserted into a different plane and there is a minimal risk of forming a dimple. However, these can be easily reversed if and when needed. These side effects are temporary and will recover with or without medical intervention in few months.


The cost ranges from RM 1800 onwards, depending on the type and amount of Thread that is being used.

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