Cellulite & Stretch Marks

Cellulite is one of the most common skin disorders in women. Cellulite is a micro circulatory disorder of the skin rather than a fatty tissue deposit. Cellulite is the appearance of an unattractive dimpled skin or “dimpled fat” on or around the outer thighs, buttocks and other body areas. It is the cottage-cheese-like appearance of the skin or irregular bulging or dimpling of the skin. It is related to hormonal changes, dehydration and skin laxity. Cellulite tends to worsen with age, as the body's degeneration accelerates.

Stretch mark is a form of skin scarring associated with pregnancy, obesity, puberty, and short-term weight gain from physical activities. Though there are several Treatments available for Stretch mark, Fractional CO2 Treatment combined with Mesotherapy is backed by scientific publications confirming its effectiveness in treating stretch mark.


Cellulite Treatment requires a multi-factorial approach. It includes improving the microvasculature, breaking down the clumps of fat and assisting to drain the broken lipid cells via lymphatic channels. Mesotherapy helps to open up the microvasculature, while exposing the fatty tissue to Cryolipolysis will help to break down the fat clumps. Cellulite Treatments are customized to fit individual needs and conditions.

Combination of Cryolipolysis and Mesotherapy will help to reduce the unattractive dimpled skin appearance and improve the dermal microvasculature. Treatments are done at regular intervals of 3 to 4 weeks and repeated until the effects are seen.

Stretch mark can be effectively treated with combining Fractional CO2 Laser with a different Mesotherpy cocktail to accelerate the healing process. Fractional CO2 Laser creates numerous microscopic vertical injuries to the patient's skin with non-treated (uninjured skin) in between the treated areas. The untreated skin helps heal the wound quite quickly, replacing the area with new, healthy skin.

Combination of Fractional CO2 Laser and Mesotherapy will help to reduce the unattractive marred skin. Treatments are done at regular intervals of 3 to 4 weeks and repeated until the effects are seen.


The procedure is relatively safe with almost no complications. The Laser Treatments are quite bearable. However, for Cryolipolysis, there is a minimum risk of skin necrosis due to the cold temperature.


The cost ranges from RM 600 onwards per Treatment, depending on the area of Treatment. 

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