Chemical Skin Rejuvenation was one of the most popular Aesthetic procedures before the advent of Lasers. Chemical Skin Rejuvenation still have its value in Aesthetic Medicine especially with the new line up of improvised ingredients for a more effective and safe results. Chemical Skin Rejuvenation Treatments involves the use of chemical agents to induce epidermal or dermal exfoliation while stimulating the dermal matrix at the same time. There are several chemical agents and the popular ones include:

  • AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid, also known as Glycolic Acid)
  • BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid, also known as Salicylic Acid)
  • Lactic Acid
  • TCA (Trichloro Acetic Acid) peel
  • Combination peels such as Jessner’s peel or Modified Jessner’s peel

These chemical agents help to “de-glue” the skin matrix, allowing a uniform and smooth peeling of the superficial layer of the skin. The skin “de-gluing” process also induces an inflammatory reaction, which allows cell mediators to promote new cell growth. Regularly repeated Treatments will help to replace the aged dull and dead cells with a newer, healthier looking cells.


Chemical Skin Rejuvenation Treatments are normally done once in 4 weeks on a regular basis. They are cost effective procedures (when compared to Laser devices) in exfoliating blackheads / whiteheads and in treating acne and post acne mark on the face and body. It is also the Treatment of choice for some skin conditions such as Keratosis Pillaris and Ichthyosis Vulgaris (dry, scaly skin). As the Treatments are being done, the skin will appear clearer, healthier, more radiant and less oily.


Adverse effects in a Chemical Skin Rejuvenation procedure includes:

  • Mild to moderate discomfort and itchiness, which is normally bearable.
  • The skin will appear red immediately after the Treatment.
  • There will be some light to medium scabs for few days, and the skin will be clearer and radiant once the scabs fall off.

The cost for Chemical Skin Rejuvenation ranges from RM 180 onwards per Treatment, depending on the type of Chemical Peel used. 

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