Why Are Threads a Good Alternative For Facelift?

Do you want to get rid of that unwanted fat and get the perfect V-shaped face with a sharper nose? At Global Aesthetic, previously known as Skin Club by DermaGenesis, we have a team of skilled LCP Certified Aesthetic doctors led by Assoc Prof Dr. Morthy, a renowned LCP Certified Aesthetic Physician and Trainer who are experts and have been trained extensively on Aptos Thread Lift treatment.

Barbed sutures or threads, such as Aptos and PDO threads are inserted into the face to create a lifting effect or a tightening and firming of the soft facial tissues to give a facelift effect, without surgery. This non-surgical procedure is useful for those with flabby faces or aging of the mid-face, jowls, brow, and neck. Selective regional lifting is also possible.

In today’s article, we will talk about barbed suture technology or the Thread Lift technology for a non-surgical facelift along with its various advantages.

Why is Thread Lift A Good Alternative To Face Lift?

After a certain age, the facial support structure tends to weaken as one loses the facial fat. The highly affected areas generally include the cheeks, the eyebrows, and areas surrounding the eyes, the jowls, and the neck. This, in turn, results in a longer, older-looking face. As the skin ages, the connective tissue in the skin becomes thinner. The elastic fibers in the skin undergo a type of “breakdown.” The face thus loses some of its elasticity. The lack of elasticity brings with it the departure of certain face-shaping supports. The face begins to “sag” and “wrinkle.” At times, young people may also experience cheek and brow ptosis (sagging, here caused by weakened muscles) as well.

In Malaysia, the non-surgical Aptos or PDO Thread Lift treatment is an excellent alternative to get firmer and tighter skin akin to a face lift effect. At Global Aesthetic, our skilled aesthetic practitioners are taught and trained extensively on the application and benefits of various non-surgical facelift procedures. “There are various factors that must be considered during a Thread Lift procedure, starting from understanding the aging skin, right up to choosing the right type of threads, insertion points and more” quotes Assoc Prof Dr Morthy who is a member of Asia Pacific Experts for PDO Threads.

The Benefits Of A Non-Surgical Thread Lift

Non-surgical facelifts using barbed sutures or threads such as PDO or Aptos threads, tends to carry with them a whole lot of inherent advantages, which are as follows-


Non-surgical facelifts tend to cost a lot less than their surgical counterparts, so even if anyone is a little tight financially, they can still benefit from this treatment from the renowned aesthetic clinic as such Global Aesthetic in Malaysia.

Short procedure time

As there is no need for lengthy preparation with anaesthetics and other medication, non-surgical facelifts are generally done in well under an hour.

Less pain involved

One of the best things about non-surgical facelifts is that there is only a minimum amount of discomfort throughout the treatment. This applies not only during the treatment but also afterward. “Pain Management is crucial for us and we take pride in delivering comfortable Aesthetic procedures” quotes Assoc Prof Dr Morthy.

Augmentation Effects

Threads can also be used to augment the nose, infraorbital area (sunken eyes) and midface. The bridge and tip of the nose can be enhanced easily using threads.


Minimum recovery time

Non-surgical facelifts are not only cost-effective but are also time effective. With non-surgical facelifts, one does not need to worry about all the stress of planning. You can be back to work in no time as the aftercare required in a non-surgical operation is minimal and generally would not require specialized medication. Discomfort is relatively short-lived and can often be handled with over-the-counter medicines.

Fewer risks involved

It is a fact that even the best cosmetic surgical operations carried out by the most responsible medical professionals still are not without risk. Chances of infection and anaesthesia complications are still possible. Non-surgical facelifts tend to bypass all that, however, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy your new look!

Thread Lift At Global Aesthetic

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