Treatment Of Acne With Botox

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In today’s article, we will help to educate you on Using Botox as a Treatment for Acne

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Botox & Acne  

Among the many misconceptions surrounding Botulinum Toxin, popularly known as Botox or Dysport is the idea that it’s only useful for fending off wrinkles. What was once an accidental discovery when a group of Belgian picnickers went into paralysis after eating uncooked sausage, this wonder drug is now used to treat many medical conditions. By the way, do you know where the name Botox came from? Botox, or botulus, means sausage in Greek.

As a muscle relaxant, these neuromodulators or neurotoxins such as Botox or Dysport can be useful in tiny amounts in various areas of the body, all to different effects. It seems that experts (and the FDA) are becoming increasingly excited about its potential. As positive research continues to pour in, doctors are now offering the injectable to treat everything from teeth grinding and headaches to acne and depression.

Scientifically, acne is a disorder of the PILOSEBACEOUS UNIT – which comprises of the oil gland, oil duct, pores & hair follicles. Sometimes, the pores can be clogged, leading to stagnant sebum, or there might be overactive oil gland that produces excessive sebum. In either case, the acne bacteria, which is a normal flora of the skin, known as Propionibacterium Acne, or P. Acne infects the stagnant sebum – leading to inflamed or pustular acne.

This skin condition can become from mild to severe and may lead to depression, and acne sufferers may even commit suicide. We will discuss more on the sequel, or after-effects of acne in our next article. For now, we will chat on how Botox or neurotoxins help in treating acne.

Researchers have reported that treatment with Botox or neurotoxins exhibited significant sebum reduction at the injection site, with a sebum gradient surrounding the injection point. The mechanism by which intradermal Botox or neurotoxins injection results in decreased sebum production is not entirely clear because the role of the nervous system and acetylcholine on sebaceous glands is not well defined. However, it is most likely local muscarinic receptors blocks the release of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter required for contraction of the sebaceous glands. As a result, sebum production is reduced, and the sebaceous glands are unable to contract as the toxin neuro-modulatory effects sets in. Inflammatory and pustular acne count will reduce once sebum production is reduced and sebum secretion is minimized.  

Risks & Benefits in using Botox as an Acne Treatment.  

It is a safe, effective & affordable procedures, since you only need very little amount of neurotoxin. Though the paralyzing effects of Botox normally sets in within 4 to 6 days, the results are noticeable after 3 to 4 weeks since it takes time for the P.Acne bacteria to cease its activities form previously occurred stagnant sebum. A single sitting of injections will give you results lasting for 6 months or longer. However, wrong dosage or depth of injection will lead to unwanted facial paralysis, loss of facial expression and other mimetic activities.  

About IIWAM training in Botulinum Toxin for Acne Treatment.  

As always, it is imperative for the practitioner to undergo proper training in facial aesthetics to understand the procedure, the product and the patient. Equally he / she must know the benefits, the risks and countermeasure to correct complication. IIWAM also offers Online Aesthetic Certification programme for Non-Surgical Body Sculpting, Advanced Dermal Filler Training (Restylane, Juvéderm, Teosyal, Bellotero), Advanced Botulinum Toxin Training (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin), Skin Booster Training (Restylane Skin Booster, Profhilo, Rejuran), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training, and Threadlift Training (PDO, Aptos, Happy Lift). At IIWAM, our trainers pay utmost attention in teaching the following subjects in Botulinum Toxin for Acne Treatment under online botox and filler training course.

  • Anatomy behind Acne using Botox

  • Methods & techniques for Acne Treatment using Botox

  • How to inject Botox in Acne Treatment

  • Risks of Botox in Acne Treatment

  • Can someone go blind after injecting Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

 online botox and filler training

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