BOTOX: Relieve Jaw Clenching and Teeth Grinding with Bruxism Treatment

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In a recent article, we spoke about using Botox & Neurotoxins for Gummy Smile Correction.

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In today’s article, we will help to educate you as to how Botox can be helpful to relieve jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This is how it works-

Botox for treating Bruxism

Bruxism is characterized by parafunctional masticatory muscle activity that provokes an involuntary and unconscious movement disorder, typified by excessive compression and/or grinding of the teeth, which can occur during sleeping or waking. We all know muscle relaxant or neuromodulator injections such as Botox can reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and help the patients achieve a smoother, refreshed more youthful facial look. But, do you know that Botox can also help to reduce those who suffer from grinding their teeth while sleeping?

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are neuromodulators. They are botulinum toxin type A which when administered, blocks the release of acetylcholine from peripheral cholinergic nerve terminals and is an important option for the treatment of disorders characterized by excessive muscle activity. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin temporarily paralyzes the nerve impulses that help in facial muscle movements, teeth grinding, and lockjaw conditions are reduced.

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 Online Botox Dysport Training Courses

Administration of Botulinum toxin injections should be performed by a trained doctor with a sound understanding of human anatomy. A topical anaesthetic, ice, or local anaesthetic is applied to reduce any potential discomfort. The treatment site is carefully analysed and marked to ensure the correct muscles are relaxed. The area is cleaned with alcohol swab or surgical spirit. During the procedure, a very fine needle used to inject Botox precisely into the masseter muscle. 3 – 4 injections are given based on the doctor's overall assessment of the muscle that needs to be treated. The dose for masseter muscle and temporal muscle is decided based on the severity of bruxism, and it may vary from one patient to another based on their medical conditions. The injection will relax the masseter muscle, which tends to tense up and cause jaw tension, lockjaw, and teeth grinding. Once the masseter is relaxed, you will be able to reduce the grinding effect for almost 5 to 6 months. It is a safe, effective, and affordable procedure. Again, if it is injected into the wrong muscle, as usual, there will be some repercussions.

Risks of using Botox for treating Bruxism

Botox or neurotoxins are safe, fast, and almost painless. The results are natural-looking and almost free from any complications.

However, injecting Botox should be performed by certified aesthetic practitioners who are trained individuals and skilled to perform procedures with adequate knowledge about the treatment. This is crucial because if injected into the wrong muscles, it can lead to alteration of smile and even slurring of speech. On the other hand, if Botox is injected into the parotid gland, it may cause dryness of the mouth.

About IIWAM training in treating Bruxism

As always, it is imperative for the practitioner to undergo proper training in facial aesthetics to understand the procedure, the product, and the patient. Equally, he/she must know the benefits, risks, and counter-measures to correct complications. IIWAM also offers an Online Aesthetic Certification programme for Non-Surgical Body Sculpting, Advanced Dermal Filler Training (Restylane, Juvéderm, Teosyal, Bellotero), Advanced Botulinum Toxin Training (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin), Skin Booster Training (Restylane Skin Booster, Profhilo, Rejuran), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training, and Thread Lift Training (PDO, Aptos, Happy Lift).

At IIWAM, our trainers pay utmost attention to teaching the following subjects in using Botox for treating Bruxism under Advanced Botox Dysport Training for Doctors.

Facial anatomy for Botox & Dysport treatment Difference between Botox & Dysport for Bruxism How to inject Botox for Bruxism? Complications in Bruxism treatment using Botox How to avoid Bruxism complications? Botox in masseter hypertrophy

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