Cosmetic Medical Training at Aesthetic Academy Asia

Cosmetic medicine and cosmetic procedures have now become an integral part of people’s lifestyles. With the hype around looking picture perfect and having an aligned face, not many shy away from opting for procedures. However, cosmetic medicine is not all about that. Sometimes, the need to undergo cosmetic procedures is more important than just for the sake of appearance. With advancements in technology, you can opt for non-invasive procedures to cure problems like scar removal, melasma, and more.

Certified aesthetic practitioners are trained individuals who are skilled to perform procedures with adequate knowledge about the treatment as well as trained to solve any complications that arise due to any unforeseen circumstances. Assoc. Prof Dr. Morthy from Aesthetic Academy Asia & Global Aesthetic ( has always stressed the importance of education for aesthetic practice and how important it is to be trained thoroughly before opting for a career in aesthetic medicine.

At Aesthetic Academy Asia (AAA), we have a team of skilled LCP Certified doctors that impart knowledge and clinical training to doctors, dentists, and aspiring nurse practitioners in the field of aesthetics. For example, under our medical aesthetic certification programme, aspiring students are trained extensively on the application and benefits of various advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures for overall skin rejuvenation. Non-surgical procedures pertain to things like body contouring, Botulinum Toxin (known most commonly by one of its brands, Botox), dermal fillers, and the latest energy-based devices!

In today’s article, we will discuss some important facts about cosmetic medicine and the various aesthetic courses in Kuala Lumpur they can take at Aesthetic Academy Asia.

Facts Related to Cosmetic Medicine

Cosmetic medicine has advanced from unnatural results

With the advancement in cosmetic training and procedures, the “art of subtlety” is followed religiously. It means starting small and adding to treatments if required depending upon the perception of aesthetic beauty, skin goals, facial structure, and features of an individual!

At Aesthetic Academy Asia, the doctors, dentists, and aspiring nurse practitioners are intensively trained to gain theoretical and clinical knowledge so that they are able to execute any kind of cosmetic treatment or procedure. In our advanced Botox and Dysport training, we will coach you on proper mixing and administration of the drugs during Botox treatment. It is very important that injections be placed precisely in order to avoid side effects. Botox therapy can be dangerous if it is administered incorrectly and we teach you everything related to botulinum toxin in this course.

Cosmetic medicine is not vanity

Cosmetic procedures are not just about having that picture-perfect aligned face and aligned feature. Cosmetic treatments tend to come with certain risks if not carefully considered by patients and carried out by highly trained physicians. As a result, cosmetic training is very important.

At Aesthetic Academy Asia, we teach and train extensively on the application and benefits of the latest laser technologies for the treatment of melasma, removal of the scar, and other pigmentary conditions such as hyperhidrosis during our  Advanced Aesthetic courses in Lasers. We not only imbibe our students with aesthetic theoretical knowledge but also provide them hands-on clinical training so they graduate to be one of the best aesthetic practitioners in the country!

Cosmetic medicine is both for women and men 

It is a basic human right for both men and women to care about their skin health. In fact,  It is something everyone should care about- after all, skin can be considered as the body’s largest organ. Although it can be argued that women do make up the majority of the cosmetic medicine customer base, there is a growing trend to see more men taking up cosmetic medicines and cosmetic treatments, owning how they look and age. And it's perfectly fine! Getting a cosmetic treatment done should not be termed as “too feminine”!

At Aesthetic Academy Asia, we train extensively on the application and benefits of using various nonsurgical facelift procedures including the barbed suture technology for a facelift and other purposes during our courses on Advanced PDO Thread Lift and Aptos Training.

Aesthetic Education at Aesthetic Academy Asia

At renowned Aesthetic Academy Asia in Malaysia, we take aesthetic education with utmost seriousness and help our students learn and practice effective aesthetic procedures, so they are confident enough to start their career in aesthetics. We have a faculty of globally renowned aesthetic doctors who are exemplary in their skills and knowledge with scientific excellence trained under our advanced medical Aesthetic certification program.