Fat Melting for Facial Jowls & Double Chin

Many people have a lot of concerns when it comes to getting rid of double chins. With the advancements in medical science, there are many new procedures that offer non-surgical, non-invasive solutions to getting rid of a double chin, and these are being eagerly embraced. It is important to learn the different scientific and clinically proven approaches towards removing the fat beneath the chin.

At Aesthetic Academy Asia, we provide an International Aesthetic Certification programme and also Advanced Online Aesthetic Courses. Our team of Certified doctors and trainers, impart comprehensive clinical knowledge and hands-on training to Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Aestheticians, and Spa Owners in the field of Aesthetic medicine. The training modules are different between Medical Doctors and non-medical personnel. Aesthetic Academy Asia is based in Malaysia and has students from the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia. Assoc. Prof Dr. Morthy is the lead trainer and course director for the region. He is also the medical director of Global Aesthetic ( which offers advanced Aesthetic medical procedures. Aesthetic Academy Asia with the insignia of “Be Certified, Be Recognized” has always stressed the importance of structured Aesthetic medical education with international recognition for those opting for a career in Aesthetic Medicine.

In today’s article, we will broach the subject of double chin, various non-invasive procedures available to getting rid of a double chin under our advanced cosmetology certification programme, along the importance of training.  

About Facial Jowls

An oval face shape is considered youthful for females, whereas a square shape is considered attractive for males when the jawline is well defined. A distinct mandibular border with no jowl overhang is a sign of a youthful neck. Jowl fat descends with age, contributing to the squaring of the face and loss of jawline definition. Jowl contouring is, therefore, a key component of neck rejuvenation, restoring a square face to a more youthful oval shape and Although liposuction has traditionally been the most common method for jowl contouring (used in 81% of cases based on a 2008 survey of dermatologists and plastic surgeons), severe jowling is a contraindication for suction-assisted lipectomy. Furthermore, many patients are unable or unwilling to undergo this invasive procedure.

Good candidates for isolated jowl fat treatment are typically more youthful individuals with appropriate skin and surrounding soft tissue integrity who will not have skin laxity after decreasing the subcutaneous fat. Midface volume restoration along with reduction of jowl fat and skin quality improvement can all aid in improving the patient’s overall appearance.  

About Body Sculpting

Doctors may need to combine different approaches such as using threads, toxins, and fillers while doing meso-lipolysis for facial jowls & double chin. However, the primary approach will be using meso-lipolysis.

Body-sculpting simply means injecting fat-melting drugs to shrink and reshape areas of localized subcutaneous body fat. It mainly involves facial areas such as double chin and jowls. However, it can also be used to reshape other areas of the body to give it an overall slimmer appearance. Body sculpting using deoxycholic acid injections helps in breaking down the fat cells that are eventually flushed out of the body over the course of a few weeks to months. One of the main advantages of this treatment is that it is non-invasive. In contrast to Cryolipolysis, there is also no inherent risk of frostbite or skin necrosis when compared with deoxycholic acid treatment.

Deoxycholic acid which is also commonly known as deoxycholate and cholanoic acid is a secondary bile acid that is produced by the intestinal bacteria acting on primary bile acids secreted by the liver. In the digestive tract, deoxycholic acid breaks down fat by destroying the cell membrane. Deoxycholic acid emulsifies fats to aid their overall intestinal absorption. When injected into the subcutaneous fat layers of the chin skin, deoxycholic acid tends to destroy the adipocytes or the fat cells present there. The inflammatory tissue reaction then leads to an overall reduction of fat deposits with minimal scarring. The dissolved fat which is now cellular debris gets cleared into the lymphatic and circulatory systems by the specialized immunologic cells present in the human body. This happens gradually over the span of several weeks. As for deoxycholic acid, it follows the same path. It gets metabolized and broken down with time.  

How to Do Meso Lipolysis for Facial Jowls and Double Chin?

A complete understanding of the anatomy of the lower face and jowl is critical for practitioners to safely and effectively administer Deoxycholic acid for jowl fat reduction.

An understanding of a patient’s jowling mechanism is also critical for selecting appropriate candidates for Deoxycholic acid treatment.

Next, the practitioner must know how to do the surface markings to identify and isolate the jowl for injectable deoxycholic acid treatments. However, to date, no consistent, anatomically correlated surface markings have been defined. Therefore, proper training is crucial to understand the anatomy, mechanism, and marking. Next comes the dosage, depth of injection, size of the needle, volume of drugs, and other related procedural techniques

Once facial markings are made, the 1.0-cm grid recommended for use with ATX-101 when treating SMF is applied to the jowl treatment area (Fig. 2B), and 0.2- mL injections are administered using a 0.5-in, 32-gauge needle next to the dots on the grid.  

Other non-surgical procedures to assist meso lipolysis - Threads, Botox, and Fillers

Meso-lipolysis can also be used concurrently with Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Thread Lift.

Thread lift is a skin tightening technique used for lifting loose skin resulting from aging. Threads are placed under the skin to tighten and lift loose or sagging areas in various parts of the face and body including the jawline. Although procedures using polydioxanone (PDO) threads can seem simple, they require advanced skills to use them effectively and safely. Cog threads, a type of PDO thread are most effective for overall jawline lifting and slimming.

Botox is also used to reduce the bulk of the muscle in order to help tighten the loose skin. Botox toxin in high doses can induce muscle paralysis and muscle atrophy. Subsequently, dermal fillers can be used to help reduce the uneven facial contours.

 International Aesthetic Certification

Why is Training Important?

Non-surgical procedures to remove double chin should be performed by certified aesthetic practitioners who are trained specifically in this field. This is crucial because these cosmetic procedures may cause allergic reactions, infection, and other complications such as swelling, lumpiness, and skin necrosis. At Aesthetic Academy Asia, the Aesthetic Doctors & Dentists, Aesthetic Nurses, Aestheticians, & Spa Owners are intensively trained in theory as well as clinical skills under our International Aesthetic Certification. Online Aesthetic Certification programs are also available for international students. As trainers, our objective is to teach students on identifying the cause of the jowls, options to reduce the jowls, possible side effects, and how to address the side effects if needed. Training objectives include:

  • Why do I get jowls?

  • How can I get rid of the jowls?

  • What is the best treatment to reduce jowls?

  • What are the possible side effects of jowl-reducing treatments?

  • Which is a better - surgical or non-surgical method to reduce jowls?

  • How does “fat-melting” help in reducing jowls?

  • Is meso-lipolysis the same as fat-melting?  

Aesthetic Education at Aesthetic Academy Asia

At renowned Aesthetic Academy Asia, may it be for students from the Philippines, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, or any part of the world, we aim to inoculate knowledge, skill & confidence in our students in Aesthetic training. Our Aesthetic training focuses on teaching the principles of Aesthetic procedures before venturing into Aesthetic clinical skills. Aesthetic Academy Asia also offers an Online Aesthetic Certification programme for Non-Surgical Body Sculpting, Advanced Dermal Filler Training (Restylane, Juvéderm, Teosyal, Bellotero), Advanced Botulinum Toxin Training (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin), Skin Booster Training (Restylane Skin Booster, Profhilo, Rejuran), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training, and Threadlift Training (PDO, Aptos, Happy Lift). We have produced some of the finest Aesthetic graduates in the world with dual international certificates.