How to be an Aesthetic Doctor in Malaysia

Unlike other countries, the practice of Aesthetic Medicine is rather unique in Malaysia.

For example, in Australia, it is deemed as a self-regulating medical practice where the Doctors undergo structured theoretical and clinical training on his / her own accord and practice evidence-based procedures diligently. In Singapore, it is somewhat the same, but Doctors are required to undergo an interview with the regulators. It is somewhat of an oath-taking process where you solemnly swear to do the right thing, rather than an examination.

In Malaysia, however, it is a bit more stringent, well regulated (some even claim over-regulated), and a longer (much longer) process. The Ministry of Health (Malaysia) set up a division under “Amalan Perubatan” to monitor the practice of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia. They came up with guidelines to regulate the practice of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia by evaluating the Doctors via an exam. Doctors who passed the exam are eligible to practice Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia.

When there is a Guideline, there must be a Committee to overlook the Guideline. The Guideline on Aesthetic Medical Practice, which explains the requirements to practice Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia came under the purview of the Main Credentialing and Privileging Committee of Aesthetic Medical Practice. This Main Committee is under the purview of the Director-General of Health, who then appointed a Sub-Committee that implements the directives of the Main Committee. The Sub-Committee is led by the head of “Amalan Perubatan” who governs and overlooks the activities of the members of the Sub-Committee. The members of the Sub-Committee are supposed to act unprejudiced and without favor or favoritism. They are also supposed to monitor the assessment affairs.

Since the practice of Aesthetic Medicine is not regarded as a specialty, the Ministry of Health has issued a “special license” in the form of a Letter of Credentialing & Privileging, which says that the holder of this Letter is credentialed and privileged to practice Aesthetic Medicine.

So now, a Medical Doctor in Malaysia who wants to practice Aesthetic Medicine should have met certain prerequisites, apply for the exam, attend the exam and of course be successful in it. Once successful, he/she will have his / her name enlisted in a special register, called the Registry for General Practitioners practicing Aesthetic Medicine. Doctors who did not receive their LCP and do not have their names registered in the Registry for General Practitioners practicing Aesthetic Medicine are actually in misconduct.

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