Importance of Aesthetic Medical Training for an Aesthetic Clinic

For many people, undergoing aesthetic treatment is the ultimate act of empowerment, it leaves them looking excellent and feeling more confident than ever. But, aesthetic treatments can come with certain risks if not carefully considered by patients and carried out by highly trained physicians. Here, the expert team at Aesthetic Academy Asia explains the common mistakes people make when choosing to undergo aesthetic treatments, and how you can avoid them for a safe and effective result. When looking for an aesthetic clinic you want them to be excellent for the treatments they offer. As the desire for non-surgical aesthetic interventions grows year on year, aesthetic practitioners need to stay up to date with their aesthetic medical training to ensure they are meeting both clinical standards and patients’ needs. When it comes to your facial treatments and laser treatments, you want to make sure that you do your best when choosing an aesthetic clinic that can work with you to develop an excellent care approach.

There are three levels of aesthetic clinics. The first one is a beauty clinic run by beauticians, also referred to as dermal therapists or dermal technicians. These clinics offer standard beauty treatments like facials, peels, microdermabrasion, and also some light-based treatments. The second level consists of non-invasive aesthetic clinics operated by physicians and aesthetic nurses who are trained to perform a wider variety of procedures, including aesthetic injectables, laser, and body contouring. The final level consists of aesthetic treatment performed by aesthetic surgeons who perform more invasive procedures, like breast augmentation and liposuction. Once you know what level of the aesthetic clinic will suit your needs, you now have to find a good one; someone you can trust. Here are our top things to look for when choosing an aesthetic clinic-  

The level of training and qualifications at the clinic

Aesthetics is a regulated field and so are the practitioners within it. This ensures that regulated health care professions, such as qualified nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians, are licensed and regulated by an institution that protects the people. These institutions have education standards, aesthetic medical training, and medical exams that must be passed for legal practice! It also ensures that the quality of treatment you will receive is high. Being properly trained in aesthetic medical treatments and procedures helps protect the reputation and avoid possible malpractice situations. Even just one incident can ruin the entire reputation so it’s crucial to avoid those situations as much as possible. Proper training can prevent this from happening. Aesthetic procedures are medical procedures, and when you pick up a syringe, your patient’s health and their appearances, are in your hands and that is why we emphasize the significance of proper aesthetic medical training. The best physicians will always tailor treatments to each patient to ensure that natural-looking results are achieved.  

The products and technologies the clinic works with are of high quality

Every aesthetic practitioner that has undergone aesthetic medical training knows the danger of using cheap quality substitute products. Trained aesthetic doctors and dentists would never put profit over client safety. Look for a clinic that is certainly still engaged in the industry, where the team attends conferences and is regularly upskilling. Look for a clinic that keeps up-to-date on emerging technologies, uses high-quality products for the treatments, and is willing to bring the latest technologies into the clinic. Technology progresses so quickly in this field, it is exciting, and you want to be along for the ride!  

A prominent leader

The aesthetic clinic has a business name but there is an identifiable person behind that. Why is that significant? Because if someone is prepared to stake their professional and personal reputation on the quality of the service they offer, then you are definitely in the right place.  

Aesthetic Medical Training at Aesthetic Academy Asia

Patients are not aware enough of the risk they run with the treatments like dermal filler, wrinkle treatment; they jeopardize their health and risk a critical infection or even worse complications. So it is very crucial to choose the right aesthetic clinic with proper aesthetic medical training for these treatments. At our institution, we always provide aesthetic medical training to the doctors focusing on safety for their patients. Assoc Prof Dr. Morthy quotes, “One of the core problems is lack of proper training regarding the complications. Most aesthetic practitioners are performing these procedures without adequate training. We always teach our doctors the risks and complications before teaching them the procedures during our Aesthetic training courses. Do No Harm has always been the benchmark of our Aesthetic training courses”. Established training centers such as Aesthetic Academy Asia and their team of doctors such as Assoc Prof Dr. Morthy not only treat these complications but also teaches on how to avoid, identify and manage complications in their Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and Professional Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic training courses. Now with the emergence of the Covid pandemic, the Academy has started online training courses as well as online clinical demonstrations.

It is vital for Aesthetic Academy Asia team members that our trainees receive accurate data on aesthetic medical training and are completely informed about injectables. Our aesthetic professionals will always be there to assist and help you all the time. To know more information about us, please visit our official website-