Beauty Centers and Aesthetic Regulations

Often you hear news about illegal and unregistered beauty centers that and the needs to seem perfect and desirable has been brought to a different level, with social media acting as a real-life exhibition for the public to judge its users and exert influence. This has seen a surge in greedy people who operate unregistered and illegal beauty centers claiming to be experts and luring in unaware victims with enticing offers to enhance their beauty.

Time and again, the health ministry issue warnings against illegal aesthetic practices. Former Health Minister Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad pointed out in an interview with NST that people must understand the prospective risks of seeking treatment at unregistered beauty parlors and aesthetic centers. He admits that many times, people knowingly patronize with such illegal centers seeing them as the fastest and cheapest means to attain perfect beauty. Such undertakings often leave them with a disfigured face and temporary or permanent effects.

The Health Ministry has made law enforcement stricter and reiterated to the consumers that they should make sure to visit only those aesthetic clinics and beauty centers that are registered and have obtained the Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) from the ministry.

But is there a way, apart from stringent laws, to curb the growth of illegal beauty centers and beauty practices? Aesthetic courses for beautician at Aesthetic Academy Asia helps in combatting this problem to an extent for the beauty centers and medispas. Gaining proper Aesthetic Education is the only way to address these rising issues.

In today’s article, we will talk about the problems faced by the beauty industry, its dark side, and what the solution is. Read on to find out-  

The unpleasant side of the beauty industry

There is more to those picture-perfect hoardings and the perfect face structure displayed in an over the top advertisements. Behind all its glamour and perfection, the beauty industry hides ugly greed that feasts of the insecurity of those seeking “perfection.”

The following are the problems that the beauty industry is currently facing-  

Illegal & Unregistered beauty centers

Many beauty centers and wellness spas have started promoting an upgraded skillset, which includes intrusive treatments that should only be performed by qualified doctors. Calling themselves “medi-spas,” these illegal and uncertified centers not only provide services that require a skilled aesthetician, but they also offer these services at “low-rates” as promotional campaigns to lure in customers.

Since the procedures are done following certain methods and are rather costly, these illegal centers often use cheap substitutes for all expensive procedures leaving a lost-lasting impact on the victims, even leading to permanent scarring and facial or bodily disfigurement. Established training centers such as Aesthetic Academy Asia and their team of doctors such as Assoc Prof Dr. Morthy not only treat these complications but also teaches on how to avoid, identify and manage complications in their Professional Diploma and Professional Certificate Aesthetic training courses.  

Extravagant online promotions

Bound by their oath and code of conduct, legitimate aesthetic clinics often find themselves at the short end of the stick when it comes to online promotions. They cannot in good conscience promote the services by promoting them above and beyond to entice customers. However, such a dilemma does not hinder the self-proclaimed beauty experts. This is also one of the reasons why we see people seeking invasive aesthetic and beauty treatments, such as thread lifts, dermal fillers procedures, laser treatments, and more being unwittingly duped by illegal beauty centers and businesses with their exaggerated promotional campaigns. Assoc Prof Dr. Morthy quotes, “One of the core problems is lack of proper training regarding the complications. Most aesthetic practitioners are performing these procedures without adequate training. We always teach our doctors the risks and complications before teaching them the procedures during our Aesthetic training courses. Do No Harm has always been the benchmark of our Aesthetic training courses”.  

Unqualified professionals leaving traumatized victims

Over the past decades, we are able to classify three types of cases-

  • The first were cases where the victims took treatment at aesthetic clinics run by qualified doctors. However, the doctors did not perform the procedures themselves but were done by their assistants or staff with no medical background or training.

  • The second case type was where invasive procedures were done at beauty and spa centers by unqualified beauticians. Not only are their facilities dangerous but also prone to infection.

  • The third is the termed the most dangerous with in-house calls, where these so-called experts and professionals carry out these procedures in hotel rooms or houses with zero knowledge of aesthetic practices and discarding every safety measure that should be undertaken.  

Is aesthetic education the solution?

Education in any field is crucial. Proper knowledge is the steppingstone for any profession undertaken, and any trained professional must ensure they are at the cutting edge in an environment of ever-changing patterns and technologies to ensure sustainability. The beauty industry is no exception! Many beauty practitioners are right-brained 'innovative' persons, so it is crucial to explore what learning formats fit each person better. One should not underestimate the impact of physical training and learning, receiving direct guidance from a qualified trainer.

It is here where qualified and experienced educational institutions, instructors, and programs stand out from the crowd. Therefore, even highly skilled aestheticians continue to attend educational courses and seminars after years of professional experience in their specialization fields. This is because the methods and technologies used in the industry are continuously evolving and growing. Education is much more than developing new skills; it's about keeping your skills up to date to ensure that your clients receive the best treatment. The client's unpleasant experience is attributed to a lack of expertise on behalf of the practitioner. They have not completed adequate preparation or are unaware of safe practice, like patch testing. It is the responsibility of any individual working in the beauty industry to ensure that the best way is maintained. The scope of aesthetic medicine has expanded internationally and is now increasing in Malaysia as well. People working in entertainment, media, or consumer-facing businesses who must remain in the public eye and maintain their facial beauty are taking the lead.

A large part of the demand for facial beauty is also due to trauma, burn scars, and acid scar patients, who need to enhance their physical appearance, diminish scars, and, as far as possible, restore disfigured areas. The worldwide growth in aesthetic medicine has raised the demand for well-qualified aesthetic physicians qualified in aesthetic medicine. Ensure that you are professionally educated for any service you provide and follow every protocol learned through the training. Carrying out a treatment in which you are not qualified may result in a lawsuit for reimbursement being made against you amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds; it is not worth taking the risk. Remember to update all your marketing materials with the latest treatments you've learned and are now providing to clients upon completion of your professional qualifications. Place the new certificates on the salon walls in frames for everyone to see because you should be proud of your achievements!

Assoc Prof Dr. Morthy, the course director of Aesthetic Academy Asia (AAA), strongly believes that education is the only way to address these issues. “Teach them the risk involved and what they can and can’t do. Some beauticians think they are doctors without being a doctor, and they think it is legitimate because they were told so. I have counseled hundreds of “Doctor” titled beauticians who thought they were qualified until they were told they were not. We advised them to stop, but they didn’t. We educated them – on the risk and challenges, and that helped to change their mindset. At Aesthetic Academy Asia, we educate nurses and certified aestheticians on how NOT to perform these procedures and assist or work with qualified medical doctors. Some beauticians have financial resources which doctors may not have, especially the younger generation of doctors. We design business plans to be the business owner and operate legitimately within the law’s boundaries with a registered and qualified medical doctor. We aim to empower beauticians with the knowledge to stop doing the wrong thing and know if the doctor is doing the right thing. I believe our training program has become an educational reformation to help change beautician’s mindset”.

On the other hand, we also have doctors who have not obtained their LCP from the Ministry of Health and are also doing aesthetic procedures without knowing the risk and complications. Again, education is the only way to make it a better tomorrow for aesthetic medicine.  

About Aesthetic Education

So, if you're interested in looking good and making people look good too, here's your opportunity to become not just a doctor but a certified aesthetician. It is crucial for Aesthetic Academy Asia team members that our trainees obtain all the correct data and be fully informed when it comes to injectables. Our aesthetic trainers will always be there to support and help you all the time. At Aesthetic Academy Asia, the golden medical rule – Patient Safety and DO NO HARM still prevails, and that’s the first thing we teach our learners. To know more information about us, please visit our official website-