Various Concerns Of Aesthetic Patients And How Aesthetic Practitioners Can Put Them At Ease

In today’s article, Prof Dr Morthy, the Course Director of International Institute of Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine will discuss various concerns of Aesthetic patients and how various Aesthetic practitioners can put them to ease.

Aging is inevitable and will happen to all of us eventually. With the various advancements in the field of aesthetic medicine over the past decade, the demand for cosmetic procedures has risen. Aesthetics is now a budding field that tends to work towards the improvement of an individual’s overall cosmetic appearance with the help of various non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels, injectables like Botox and fillers, anti-aging devices ranging from lasers to radiofrequency, ultrasound, and automated needling along with body contouring that involves fat reduction.

Here are a few questions patients may ask and how they can put their minds at ease-

Qualifications of the practitioner

A patient may want to know about their Aesthetic practitioner’s training, qualification, experience, and commitment to patients’ safety.

First, the aesthetic practitioner should get to know each individual and create a stronger relationship. Try to establish a cordial relationship to alleviate any lingering tension as well. Recognizing each patient’s unique needs and providing appropriate solutions to meet those needs will create a good reputation and repeat customers. This can be done during the initial consultation or a follow-up meeting.

And establishing long-term relationships with the patients not only makes them likely to return for top-ups but they may also be tempted to try new aesthetic treatment procedures.

Various risks involved

Non-invasive procedures, such as Botox injections, come with little to no risks. However, complications are always a concern, and patients must understand every aspect of a procedure before committing to it. Outline the risks involved, but be sure to clarify and put them at ease how unlikely the risks are and how to overcome them.

If a patient is happy with their treatment, there is a good chance they will return when needed.


Final results depend on many factors, including the desired treatment, the age of the patient, their lifestyle, and more. While the results of some procedures are immediate, others can take a few days to see the full effect. With non-invasive procedures, the more you continue receiving treatment, the more long-lasting the results will be.

There are general timelines that can shed some light on when patients will start seeing the effects of the procedure and when they can expect a final result. Aesthetic practitioners should provide them with realistic timeline ranges so that things can be planned accordingly.


Every patient needs to understand the details of the recovery process to decide whether this is the right time for them to have a cosmetic procedure. Will they need to schedule time off from work and if so, for how long? Will there be any specific restrictions while they are healing? Aesthetic practitioner should keep the patients informed and break down what they can expect during recovery. They may experience residual tenderness, redness, and sensitivity, but most clients can return to their regular schedule right after the procedure. Aesthetic treatments are a big commitment, and it is very important to answer all of the questions the patients may have.

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