The Importance Of A Treatment Plan

In today’s article, Prof Dr Morthy, the Course Director of International Institute of Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine will discuss the importance of a treatment plan.

A treatment plan is a document outlining the proposed goals, plan, and treatment procedure to be used by you and your Aesthetic practitioner. A good treatment plan will guide you and your Aesthetic practitioner in finding out what is causing you problems, your goals for healing, and techniques you are both going to try together.

A basic treatment plan may involve the following parts, which may vary from patients to patients -

  • History, demographics, and assessment. This part of the treatment plan includes basic demographic information, healthcare history, when symptoms began, treatment in the past, and other pertinent information necessary for treatment.

  • The presenting problem. This part is a brief description of your core issue or issues.

  • A treatment contract. This agreed-upon plan summarises the goals for change that will be sought. A treatment contract usually details who is responsible for what and what treatment modality will be used.

  • The goals of the treatment procedure. The treatment plan will include a list of short-term and long-term goals of your Aesthetic procedure. Goals are the building blocks of treatment plans are designed to be specific, realistic, and tailored to the client’s needs.

  • Objectives of therapy. Objectives are the how’s of goals. Objectives break down treatment into achievable steps to meeting goals.

  • Methods to be used. This part involves a shortlist of Aesthetic techniques that the Aesthetic professional will use to achieve the goals of the treatment plan.

  • A time estimate. A brief appraisal of the length of time or the number of sessions you may need.

Why are Treatment Plans Important?

Aesthetic practitioner should lay your treatment plan out like a timeline for your patient and discuss each element including the breaks in between. Ensuring your patient understands the importance of the treatment plan.

For example, a lot of skincare treatments require a course of treatments which may also run into the next injectable treatment, by detailing this it helps the patient to feel prepared and understand the overall concept behind the plan.

In short, treatment plans are a great way to achieve the goals the patient is after, also allowing them to develop a greater understanding of treatments and that aesthetics is not a one size fits all industry.

The importance of a treatment plan can help you showcase your treatments and skincare whilst also bringing in more income to the clinic.

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